Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hint #14: Add Exercise to Your Agenda

One of my secret weapons for working out regularly is setting aside time in my schedule daily to exercise. In fact, I don't just think about working out, I take it a step further and write down in my planner exactly when I will exercise and what I will do.

So often, we hear the excuse - and yes, it is an excuse - "I don't have time to exercise." More often than not, the reality of the situation is that we don't make time to exercise. One of my most dedicated personal training clients was a full-time nurse and student, and still managed to squeeze in one-to-two workouts a day. Linda had a very specific plan of when she was going to exercise and what she was going to do. There is no question that it will pay dividends for her in the future.

This coming week, I challenge you to take your health to a new level by committing to be more active. You probably keep track of appointments, meetings, and other important engagements on a written or typed schedule. Why not do the same for your workouts?

If you want to improve your health and fitness, daily workouts are a must - not just for maintaining a healthy weight, but for your bone health, heart health, lung capacity, energy level, and self-confidence. Grab a pen, open up your planner or calendar, and add exercise to your agenda. Literally. You have what it takes!

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